Our Program

Our program has been uniquely designed to be easily integrated into a participant’s daily life while customizing their dogs skills to their needs. Though the process in total takes 2 years from start to finish it allows us to develop a lifelong bond and skill set. For further details on our program please feel free to be in touch.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

We work with both adults and youth with a range of disabilities who feel an assistance dog may provide them with more independence. We provide assistance dogs in these areas:

  • Psychological
  • Mobility
  • Vision
  • Stability

Those applying for an assistance dog must be prepared to complete weekly / monthly hands on training, completion of a daily training log and adhere to our regulation and by-laws.  Applicants who are accepted into the program will be participating in the custom training of their dog. This means that we require clients who are willing to be more hands-on. This allows us to minimize wait list time to 3-12 months.

Our program also welcomes youth and their families. We firmly believe that an assistance dog can facilitate growth in a young person and allow them to evolve into an independent and ambitious member of society.

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How To Apply

Applications can be completed online or by downloading the pdf and completing a hard copy.

The application includes 3 letters of reference. This can be from a coworker, friend, family member. We require one of these three letters to be from a medical professional. We also recommend that if you live with family that one of the letters should be from them. The applicant must also submit a letter explaining why they want an assistance dog and what makes them an ideal applicant.

For those that have difficulty with a written form, a video or audio essay are acceptable.

The application fee of $25 can be submitted by cash cheque email money transfer or Paypal.

Incomplete applications will be held pending for 6 months or until complete. After 6 months incomplete applications will be omitted and clients must reapply if they desire to continue the process. Clients with incomplete applications will not be put on the waitlist for a dog until their application is complete.

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Contribute to our Cause

The success of our charity is solely based on the support of our community, through monetary donations as well as dog supplies.

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