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Currently we’re looking for volunteers to help us in a number of different areas, including: business & marketing operations, legal and handling and training.

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We’re looking for donations both monetary as well as food and equipment.  We’re also looking for sponsors who can support us with care and health of our dogs.

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Are you interested in applying for an assistance dog? Do you currently have a dog and are interested in applying to have it registered and trained as an assistance dog?

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Who Are We?

Leash of Hope Assistance Dogs was founded in 2014 by Tessa Schmidt who has Spastic CP and Danielle Main who is Legally Blind.  The Society was founded after it became increasingly clear that there is a great need for support for those with disabilities but who want to live their lives independently. An assistance dog will allow them to become confident and active members of their community.

What We Do

Our Society’s purpose is to train and provide assistance dogs for people with disabilities that are higher functioning and often slip through the system; thus resulting in them receiving little or no support. Leash of Hope acknowledges that an assistance dog can continue to encourage and cultivate the independence of these incredible members of society by making their day to day a little easier.

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The success of our charity is solely based on the support of our community, through monetary donations as well as dog supplies.

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